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Originally Posted by MABJ View Post
Yay!!! Thanks so much for your answer. I'm going tomorrow and I'm too excited.

I will be looking for shrimp, least kilifish and micro tetras.

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I grew up in north tonawanda and it was great being able to ride my bike to one of the largest fish stores in the country. Their big display tank was incredible. I go back there now and again and it has gone downhill as western NY economy has declined. The main small fish room with high turnover has lots of healthy fish. The middle room with, cichlids, large freshwater fish, brackish etc. Is another story. I saw half dead discus, sick, dying and dead fish, skinny fish etc. The saltwater stuff looked healthy but I'm no expert. The big thousands of gallon display could have been healthier too, skinny fish with ragged fins.

Last time I was there I saw the owner Pete cleaning tanks looking pissed that his staff let it get that bad. With all that being said it still is a cool store that is a fixture in the area, the staff is knowledgeable too. You might want to check out pets plus in lockport, its dirtier and shadier but they have animals and fish that you won't see anywhere in a store anymore

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