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Originally Posted by Crispino Labayen Ramos View Post
How does the MTS slurry stay at the bottom of the tank? I would think that the slurry consistency of the MTS would get stirred all over the tank because of the water current. If I cap the MTS with AquaSoil, would it remain at the bottom of the tank? I know I have to be careful not to disturb it when doing water changes. Does it easily get blown around or does it settle down easily?
Many of us use a 1-1.5" Sand Cap over 2-2.5" of MTS.

When planting or removing turn off all water movement equipment. Use tweezers to plant pulling the roots into the substrate. To remove slowly and gently wiggle the plant free.

I get very little MTS pulled into the tank like this. If left to settle before turning water movement devices, dirt will settle back through the sand to the bottom of the tank. Larger pc of Dirt of source can be syphoned out.
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