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MTS vs. Aquasoil

The only PRO of Aquasoil I'll comment on is you can ode red it online from a dozen or so site and have it on your door step in a few days.

I have never used it so I'll stop there.

MTS - THAT I know about.

To the #1 reason to use it, in Nature plants grow in dirt.

You can "build" to suit your specific needs, it will last for years. You don't need to put any type of Root Caps in it. Just plant and enjoy. Natural dirt will have enzymes, micro nutrients, trace elements that you are just not going to find in a bag of anything from a factory. even if you are going to buy some from a dirt 'chef' it still should her less expensive. The best way of course is to make your own. That does require space to dry it. But , if you can find the space it really is easier than log-in to the get to this site.
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