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I made a little side trip to the local fiberglass store and I've figured out how I'm going to seal this stand; Ecopoxy
It's claimed to be odorless and non-toxic so in theory I can work with it in the house, which is great since my garage is unheated and it's hovering around freezing right now. The guy at the shop said it's an incredible product which is pretty reassuring since I was looking at some $50 US composites product and this stuff only set me back $30.
Other reviews by boat builders say that it's an excellent alternative to epoxy or polyester resins.

I think I'll be doing prep tonight and sealing it tomorrow so wish me luck on that aspect, I'll let you guys know how ecopoxy works out for me.

On the construction side of things I spent some time sitting on my stand, literally, and it's rock solid. No flex or wobble with me and my big fat cat sitting on it and rocking around. I figure if 240 lbs won't cause a wiggle then a nice stationary aquarium should be juuuuust fine.
I just need to clearance the door slightly and get some hinges and I think it'll be ready for sealing.

And there are even some poor quality cell phone photos, first one is obviously the semi complete stand.
Second is the tank itself, sitting on an awesome 70s coffee table I found in the basement, I thought long and hard about making the stand the same height because it makes a nice end cap for the sofa but this room currently houses my wife's 60 cube and I didn't want to crowd too much water in one room.
Thirdly is a photo of the sump area, I'll probably be referring to this photo later.
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