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Nice looking tank, would be tough to watch the algae take it over. As long as your plants are growing, it really doesn't matter what their names are. It looks like Black brush algae to me-on both your crypt and your hair grass. BBA can have lots of diffrent forms. The funniest is probably "clown fro", so it could look one way on your crypt and a diff way on your grass. I mean the light levels, nutrients excetra excetra might be very diffrent on your crypt and on your big sword so the BBA will look diffrent.

Id suggest get the nutrients out of the water. This can be tough depending on where they are coming from, some times tap water has everything BBA needs to thrive. It also thrives on fish waste. Also a long photoperiod benefits BBA. Absolutely no more than 8 hours a day, but your plants could probably get by with much less than that until the algae is under hand. Finally, the BBA is not going to just die and go away, once you get the nutrients and light under control, it will stop colonizing new leaves, but it will still persist, and maybe get a little longer. The leaves it attaches to are goners, the plant will be better off without them, so you may as well trim them of now, and let the plant invest it's energy in generating new ones. Your grass and chain sword may be total losses, unless you can pick out some algae free portions.
Just my 2c tho take it or leave it Good luck
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