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So I finally pick up my tank, brought it home and set up today. Well, put it in the house where it's going to be. I'm going to be using a rena xp2 and a ehiem 2232 for my filters. And I just got done ordering a duel t-5 light with 4 moonlight leds. I also ordered about 75 pounds of seachem fluorite black. I'm planning on doing about a 3" in the front and about 6" to the right beach look with playsand. Then the rest will slope up to the left and back with the fluorite with 9 litters of ada amazonia underneath it. I can see it in my head, but having a hard time trying to explain it here.

Hopefully my shipment will be able to get to me before the holiday next week because I had to tare down a tank to put this one in there. In the tank I tore down had the amazonia in it and now it's just sitting in a bucket with some water in it. Hope that doesn't effect it anyway.

Change of plans one more time on my stocking idea. I'm staying away from the anglefish.

Wish list for stocking.
10 otos
20 Cardinal Tetras
6-8 German Blue Rams
4-5 Electric Blue Rams
1 whiptail catfish (still thinking about this one) I would love a different cool single fish.
8-10 Amano Shrimp
my colony of Cherry shrimp
3 assassin snail
and maybe some ramshorn snails or nerite snails
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