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Well my Orchid has a number of air roots that escape from above the bark mix, they have little green tips which is interesting. I was not going to immerse the whole orchid rhizome, as much as maybe trail one or two of the air roots into the tank and see what comes of it.

I've been watering the other plants with tank water for some time and they all have benefited from the fish water. Since it's just a small group of 7 White Clouds it's really not a big fish load. Hoping I'll see some young soon.

Starting small, keeping it simple..(?)
85 gallon stock tank, "pond"
5g low-tech Java Fern jungle.
2.5g +1.2g satellite stream-clay
-subsoil crypt and Fern tank.
Pendant-hooded, LED A19 bulb lighting.
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