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Monster fish how did you dose your tank. There is soo many ways I'm scared ha!

What I want to follow is

By Triet Do, USC School of Pharmacy
Having hydra and planaria in your shrim tank is both insightful and potentially harmful to shrimplets. I have seen a huge hydra literally attack and kill one of my baby Crystal Red Shrimps. After searching for a cure I have found and tried Fenbendazole (Safe-Guard) successfully. It’s safe for shrimps, snails, fish and plants.


1) Purchase the cheapest Fenbendazole product (available at Petsmart)

2) Mix 1 bag (1g) with 100 mL of drinking water. Shake VIGORIOUSLY! There will always be undissolved Fenbendazole settling on the bottom. The point of shaking is to make a saturated solution of Fenbendazole.
3) You will need to save the solution in a bottle for future treatment.


1) DOSE is 0.1 g/10 gallons every 12 hours (prefer at night).
2) Use a SYRINGE to draw 10 mL of the solution (contain 0.1 g) and inject to your 10-gallon tank. If you have a 20-gallon tank, draw 20 mL of solution and so on.

3) Dose every 12 hours until all hydra and planaria are gone. Usually after 3 doses.
4) Do a 25% water change if you feel necessary. I don’t normally do that but my shrimps are still healthy and breed fast.
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