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Originally Posted by AoxomoxoA View Post
Wait! That thing is absolutely gorgeous!
Did you order the catalog? I didn't see a phone #, or website on there...

What happened to Tuesday?
Yeah, they were out of catalogues, and their web guru/IT staff back in 1893 wasn't worth squat toward making them a presentable web page.

It arrives tomorrow from the piano tech. The wood work won't happen until this coming summer, likely.

Tuesday, the Dems won the Big One. That deal was FINALLY closed.


After a fair bit of drama (involving a flying electrical meter that landed on concrete and BROKE, rendering DK's domicile void of electrical power until such time as an emergency call was made to the power company for a replacement meter), and DK's jaw DROPPED when the rep showed up a MERE MIRACULOUS 3 hours later on a Friday afternoon (HOW often does that happen, people??!!) DK is finally back to her Cashew Jar Department Store postings:

So, using some bulkheads and tubing, she makes the Department Store thusly. Out of - what - cashew jars (a la Costco).


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