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Algae problem has me pulling 'hair" out!

Greetings! This is my first post, as I've been looking around and getting my bearings. My problem is (duh) algae. I was having problms ID-ing the stuff in my 50 gal acrylic tank. To keep it short, I have lots of plants that I have no idea how to pick and name. It sounds dumb, but i picked what looked good and planted as such. SOME I do know. The immediate proble I'll reinforce with a few pics after.

First, is an algae that looks like Staghorn is on the "crypt" and resembles the same, but thinner looking growths on the big Sword.

Second, I got micro-sword in a mat. When it arrived I looked at it and it appeared to have a green reinforcing material in it. I actually thought it was to hold the mat together. (Yes, go ahead and laugh...) As it never went away, pulled some of it off lastr night and saw that it was the nasty thick green algae that is as tough as wire. Trying to remove it from the sword mat seems impossible. Is there a way.

Third, I have a fuzzy black algae that has formed on my hairgrass and the "babies" on the java Fern.

My pH runs at 6.8-7.0. GH/KH run at 3-4 ppm. Nitrates 0, Nitrites 2, (almost positive on ates/ites - from memory) Ammonia 0; I run a Aquatop canister w/9V UV, (Purigen, charcoal, bio-balls & ammo-zorb); CO2 system (4 drops/sec); 2 - Ray 2 LEDs and a T8 Floramax in the hood.

Forgive me if I was long winded. Any help would be sincerely appreciated.

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