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Here are some am pictures without the air stone causing the place to be filled with bubbles! You can actually see things Still not the best pics, but hey. It's something right!

I am proud of this cave (below)

I had thought all my Kuhli Loaches had died. After the major part of the rescape, three big ones showed up! I have 4 small ones I added a couple nights ago, but only see the one. Hopefully the others are still alive. This little one here is the biggest out of the four...perfect betta food...or Angel food

I love my Malaysian Trumpet Snails

Little Angel checking out the new layout S/he loves the Amazon Sword it seems.

Starting at top right looking down to the left, notice Betta, Blue Angel and Koi Angel. They are always together. It's so cool

Below is a shot after I turned on the T5 lamps. I don't know if I like this much. I prefer the pinkish hue. But, maybe once the bubbles aren't going everywhere from the Penguin and the bubble wall, this light won't be so blinding. What do you think?
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