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20" FugeRay arrived today.

First thoughts: unbelievably inconvenient and silly short power cord. Sure, it's a minor peeve. But three feet!? There is no practical way to use the fixture unless you run an extension.

Cheaply made but pretty bright. It's probably not exactly worth its current price (this is solely my opinion and not an attack on any company or even the product) on Amazon for what you get. It will be in maybe six months or a year? Maybe that's just me having spent hundreds on LED fixtures the past few years, though, and expecting different quality. This isn't a complaint. Just a peeve.

Would be worth finding the originator and ordering several in bulk if you have a ton of tanks, though. When you factor in the warranty, that does make the price easier to swallow. I guess. Will be interesting to see how long these things last with everyday use.

In fairness, I think Marineland fixtures are bogus when it comes to price. They're sturdier but really can't be compared to this kind of output.

Have to say: I really like this fixture. Bright. Really white, no yellowing in that 7000k realm. Perfect for a 10gal low tech tank. Would be a bigger hit - beyond this forum - if it weren't over priced.

Some pictures...

Without blue using legs:

With blue using legs:

Resting on glass without blue:

Resting on glass with blue:

Using an iPhone to adjust for brightness:

While I probably won't be able to use this fixture on the tank, it could be perfect if you've got an outlet within a couple feet of your tank.

Verdict: buy it if you've got money burning a hole in your pocket. You'll really enjoy it if you're a reefer at heart because it is crisp and white.

Just have to figure out what to use it for if I can't make it work.

Can't wait to start buying and using these in my actual reef refugiums.

UPDATE - Victory! Woah! My better half has agreed to having an electrician install an outlet by the new tank about half way up the wall. Guess we'll get to use fixture after all!

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