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Originally Posted by ronaldvalente View Post
Thanks! Now that I have the two Eheim filters online, I have a Right to Left river current. I get uniform movement of water which will be great for circulation and the loaches love it!

I have the circulation pump midway up the side pointed at the surface, this is providing great surface movement.

I cut the lights to only run 2x65. This will also help as it lets them run cooler.

After CO2 is added, I will let the tank run for 2 weeks without changing anything else.
If you're referring to dosing, I would start dosing as soon as you start CO2. If you mean changes in lighting it's gonna take more than a couple of weeks. You want the tank to "settle in" and consistency is a big key to that.

What is the best way to spot treat with Excel?
Turn off the filters and pumps and use a syringe or pipette to squirt Excel directly on the affected area but don't exceed the recommended dosage for the tank. Give it five or ten minutes then turn the pumps back on.

How many leaves can I cut off without killing the plant?
As long as the rhizome is left the anubias should be good and the crypts will rebound as long as you leave the the rooted portion alone.

Thanks again!

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