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Lack of CO2 is what stands out the most to me. IMO, that amount of light with no CO2 just isn't going to work. The plants will suffer and algae will flourish. I would cut the light in half, based on my own personal experience, you'll be able to grow most any plant you want with 2x65 unless of course you have them raised a bit above the tank. What I would do is once you get your CO2 set up cut the light in half, remove the algae infested leaves, spot treat the infested hard scape with Excel, begin EI dosing. Set up your water movement in some sort of pattern so you're getting movement throughout the tank and not just a lot of random currents. A circular pattern along the length of the tank works well for me. Maintain good surface agitation for oxygenation which benefits every organism in the tank. After you've mastered that amount of light in combination with CO2 and your plants are growing and healthy and algae isn't a problem then try more light if you think it's needed.
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