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Originally Posted by OVT View Post
Wow... that's quiet a difference. Me like it. Apparently, you do have some secret talents.
Thank you It's hard for me to believe that it's finally coming around. I tell ya I have been working on my tank for 2 years and finally it is becoming the scape I have been trying to get since. Money is the biggest reason it has taken so dang long. Being that I don't have much of it really makes creating what I wanted for this tank a huge challenge!

Thank so to you and your plants, it is looking much better!

Originally Posted by AUvet14 View Post
I like what you're doing with it. I'm not too experienced with a low tech setup. Lol. I'm not patient enough for the slower growing species. I tend to lean towards the stem plants right now. But it's neat to see what others can do without the need for CO2 and heavy fert dosing.
I'm not too experienced either Thanks to OVT I have some color other than green in the tank! Yippee!!! I have been collecting Anubias species for 2 years now and they have grown quite a lot since I first got them. They seem to grow faster than I would expect from reading baout them. Most of them were very small with only 2-3 leaves and now each of them have 6+ leaves often around 8-10. They have been the only plant that has stuck with me through my newbie skills. I've managed to kill Java Fern, Java Moss, Lemon Swords and Ruffle plants (can't recall the real name) along this journey. Actually, I have noted that when I had no luck curing the Denison Barbs ICH with heat/salt and with no other choice than to use Super Ich Cure, all the above plants died 2 weeks after using the product. From what I've read, this medicin blocks the plants from getting the nutrients they need...why the Anubia made it is a mystery. But, glad they did. They look nice on the mopani dw

I expect things to grow nicely with the new substrate. And I'm excited to have fast growing stems!
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