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Talking My Fluval Flora's progress post =) *pictures*

I intend to keep track of my Fluval Flora's Progress here in this thread =). Although I am not a newbie at fish keeping (had cichlids for about 6 years) this is my very first planted aquarium ever!

Here is my tank during the fish-less cycle :

During the cycle my background plants melted but the Anubias, Dwarf Hairgrass, Cabomba, and water lettuce flourished. I also got a new piece of driftwood and some Christmas Moss that came with 2 hitchhiking crabs .

I stocked my tank with 4 Guppies (2m, 2f), 3 CPD's or Galaxy Rasboras and 4 Neon Tetras .

Let me know your thoughts! I'm very much liking this hobby =) Except for all the $ spent lol I thought my biggest purchase would be the tank but things sure add up! It's ok students have been proven to be able to survive on cup of noodles!
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