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Originally Posted by DKShrimporium View Post
DK's latest project, which she was in the THICK of negotiating in the middle of storm Sandy. It was a rather complicated transaction, which culminated today, involving the coordination of five parties - buyer (that'd be DK et al.), seller, piano guild technician, piano mover, woodworker. Oh, and one more party (HOWARD!!!) - print magician.

That there is an 1893 brazilian rosewood for the record DK does not support decimating tropical rainforests for the making of pretty things Blasius & Sons Philadelphia-made upright cabinet grand piano. Back in the days of real ivory, which this has. DK DEFINITELY does not support the killing of magnificent animals for a body part to make pretty things. DK, picking the brain of her very high end woodworker friend (check out his classic cars section), is gonna painstakingly restore said piece. (Kevin Costner: "If you build it, they will come..." DK: "If it can be built, it can be re-built...")

DK likes a challenge...

But that wasn't even the larger deal DK was closing, at the same time. She is one day from closing a deal two magnitudes larger, probably Monday. Oh, yeah, and then on TUESDAY, she's a gonna help close a deal probably SIX magnitudes larger, which you also can be a part of.

And then, she'll get back to the cashew jars, for y'all.

Stay tuned...

Wait! That thing is absolutely gorgeous!
Did you order the catalog? I didn't see a phone #, or website on there...

What happened to Tuesday?
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