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Question What am I missing?

My Current Setup (Low-ish Tech)
75 Gallon
Coralife Freshwater 4x 65W 6700K Light
2x Eheim 2217
1x 1600 GPH JBJ Circulation Pump

Water Parameters
6.8 pH
0 ppm Amonia
0 ppm Nitrite
0 ppm Nitrate

(Last time I checked water hardness it was 3-4. New test kit on order.)

Dosing Flourish and Flourish Excel.
- Missing Macros (I know this now)

So I want to be sure I have all my bases covered...

Steps Completed
1. I have decreased my lighting period from 12 to 8 hours on 11/14/2012
2. I have ordered a pressurized CO2 setup from Green Leaf Aquariums. (Thanks Orlando!)
3. I have stopped dosing micro for now.

What Else?
Based on those plants, what do you see missing? (except CO2)

Appreciate any insight into my issues.

I am not new to the freshwater fish hobby, just relatively new to high-tech planted tanks. By no means am I an expert, just seasoned.

Before this I had a low-tech freshwater tank without problems for a few years. Before that it was just fish only tanks.

Thanks again!
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