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55g Low-Tech Sandy Bottoms'...Shrimp Tank

This tank was supposed to be a temporary set up to house the fish while i redid my big tank.

I had the DW laying around so i threw something together. I pulled a few plants from the big tank out. Treated them for the BBA that plagued the big tank and tossed them in here.

Now that its all up and running, i decided that i kinda like it and am going to keep it. I plan to stuff it full of crypts, ferns and moss.

Tank: 55g
Filter: AquaTop 500 UV (not to impressed with it)
Light: Coralife T5 NO, single bulb

Hardscape: Locally collected DW. PFS. and locally collected rocks.

Trident ferns
Lace Fern
C. wendtii red
C. beckettii
C. nurii
Nana petite
Hydro V
Hydro sib
Mini fiss
Fiss Geppi
Notocyphus lutescens
Narrow Java
Willow moss

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