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Well here's a some pics of a couple of the plants I got a couple weeks ago as they're adapting to my tank. Many of the stems of rotala macrandra are dropping old leaves and putting off new side shoots while the tips continue to grow upwards. I'm guessing this is normal behavior for this plant when it changes environments. I've seen similar behavior when I kept rotala rotundifolia. The myriophyllum sp. 'mini' dropped all of the old leaves but has about and inch and a half or so of new growth. It might be a while before I have enough of it to do much with, but it's definitely neat looking. The Limnophila aromatica has a good two inches of new growth at the tips as well as a few new side shoots. Most of the old leaves have either fallen off or don't quite behave like the new ones do, responding to the photo period and pointing leaves at the light in the final couple hours of light.

Rotala macrandra

Myriophyllum sp. 'mini'

Limnophila aromatica
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