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First off, appreciate all the comments!

I clean the Mechanical filter maybe 2Xs a month during a W/C, the Bio filter every 3mos.
That seems like a reasonable cleaning schedule to me, I did not experience this after running this filter for a year in my planted tank.

Media came with unit - Don't understand how this is a problem???
Mechanical filter replacements are $25, that is more expensive than a 4 dollar piece of sponge that Eheim uses. That is the only piece on any filter that you really need to replace. The issue here is the combination of the clogging/flow performance and the price of the media. I ended having to alternate between two mechanical cartridges so one would dry out so I could clean it more effectively.

I don't understand how more media is a problem???
The Eheim has more media, it was listed as a con because it has less media capacity than a filter half the cost. Sorry for the confusion.

It has to be pretty darn clogged-up to do this and is the filter clogged the filters fault or the Hobbyiest fault
I was cleaning every other day, so the clogging was not from neglect by any means. I agree that if a filter left for months and months, one would not have any room to complain. I think we can all agree on this forum that cleaning every other day is kind of absurd.

If issue is strictly related to the mechanical filtration performance of the filter. Biologically it is stellar, that said, if flow drops so does the effectiveness of your biological filtration.

Cleaning the mech. filter every 2 days is the issue with the G6, and as of now this was only the case on my planted tank. The tank it is on now is the FOWLR and it is running beautifully.
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