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Feeding Your Fish

Hello fish...

Your larger fish are likely getting the bulk of the food. Aquarium fish are small, with even smaller stomachs. The stomach is roughly the size of one of their eyes. So, it takes a very small amount of food to fill them.

Fish eat once a week at most in their natural living places, so if you feed much more than that, your fish will get heavy and this shortens their lives. It's no different then people eating too much.

I feed my fish a little frozen food variety (most nutritious), two times a week and feed just a little bit. It's usually cleaned up in just a few minutes. Between feedings, the fish are constantly swimming around the tank looking for bits of leftovers. They stay in good shape and their tank stays a lot cleaner. No problems with algae either.

I'd say to gradually reduce the amount you feed to no more than every other day at most. Less often is best, that's the way nature does it.


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