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For additional thoughts see this thread.

Reviews on fluval g3/g6?

There are 15 pages from G3 & G6 owners. I don't know where some of you are hearing all these horror stories? In all fairness to Fuval or any company if you don't have 1st hand or can't at least offer a link to some that has 1st hand info, don't post "product gossip".

ronaldvalente - I respect your thoughts as they are your opinions. I definitely don't agree with them

In my current 40gl (heavily planted) tank I don't have any of these concerns:

"Cons for the G6 series
- Expensive Media
Media came with unit - Don't understand how this is a problem???
- Every other day cleaning on planted tanks
I clean the Mechanical filter maybe 2Xs a month during a W/C, the Bio filter every 3mos
- 1 Gallon of Media in a HUGE canister. (Eheim 2217 have 1.6 gallons of media in a smaller form factor)
I don't understand how more media is a problem???
- Introduces a lot of air bubbles into the tank. (This is due to the negative pressure in the canister as it begins to clog.)"
It has to be pretty darn clogged-up to do this and is the filter clogged the filters fault or the Hobbyiest fault

To be accurate I have the G3 which has a smaller filter area and a smaller motor. In my case, I don't even like Canister Filters. I always felt they were a PIA to clean and I'm getting too old to be crawling around under Aquarium stands. A canister can't do anything that a well made HOB can do. I bought my because of how easy it is to clean and under my open stand you see it. It doesn't even look like a filter, more like computer or stereo equipment.

If one can personal justify the higher co$t for the convinces offered in the "G" series go for it. That I honestly believe is the whole point. If someone would do an objective Side by Side test with any filter with approx. the same specs, I'm pretty sure they will both do the same thing.

I think it's a pretty common trend in our society to Poo-Poo equipment based on price and, I find even stranger, trying to justify quality when buying cheap knock-off equipment.

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