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Bottled water, as in drinking water, spring water and similar products are not really all that great for aquarium use. They are not regulated, so can change at any time.

If your tap water is OK, no toxins, then a blend of tap water and reverse osmosis or distilled water will be a better blend. Test the RO or distilled to be sure, but these should have so close to zero minerals or anything else, and be very consistent. RO and distilled are close enough to the same for aquarium use it does not matter which you use.
Beware of those machines outside stores that say the sell RO, though. If the filters are not changed regularly they start allowing too many minerals through, so the water is not really RO pure any more.
You can get small RO units that you hook into your kitchen sink, if you do not want (or cannot use) a built in unit.
Prime is a very good dechlor, and economical to use.

If you are trying to get the Angelfish to breed or are keeping wild caught then you will probably use something close to a 50/50 blend of tap + RO, then filter it through peat moss. Hatchery raised fish ought to be just fine in your tap water.
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