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Originally Posted by TexasCichlid View Post
If it is clogging/low flow, try removing some of the media or changing to a different type? I can cause low flow in my 2028 by adding a lot of the wrong media.
You have two choices for mechanical filtration in this filter and its proprietary.
Run it without the pre-filter and it works great. Problem then is you risk clogging the impeller with detritus.

There is no sponge type mechanical media.

Regular Pre-Filter

- OR -

Fine Pre-Filter

If you look at the top of the cartridge there is a screw type joint which ties into the priming system.

Fluval tried to increase vendor lock in here. Their implementation is poor for planted aquariums. Moving this to my FOWLR Cichlid has stopped the clogging issues and it is running great.

So if you have just a freshwater tank or marine tank, by all means this filter is great. Planted tanks not so much.
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