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My Unorganized Thoughts on the G6

The cost of the mechanical filtration is ~$25. This is expensive but it is positioned as reusable and highly cleanable. (Like most other sponge mechanical media.)

There are two options for mech. Micron or "Regular" I have tried both. Obviously the micro will clog sooner.

That said, when I initially setup the filter it was great. Flow was great, performance was great. (I upgraded from a 405 and had a noticeable improvement.)

After running this for a year with it unable to keep up with my planted tank I decided to give up on the filter and move it to my FOWLR Cichlid tank. 1 week in and have had no issues with clogging.

Improvements on G series compared to previous Fluval models:
- Smooth Tubing
- Opaque Tubing
- "Easy Maintenance" - You can just remove the mech and clean it. (Too bad this had to be done every other day or else flow would drop to almost zero.
- "Lots" of bio media space
- VERY quiet

Cons for the G6 series
- Expensive Media
- Every other day cleaning on planted tanks
- 1 Gallon of Media in a HUGE canister. (Eheim 2217 have 1.6 gallons of media in a smaller form factor)
- Introduces a lot of air bubbles into the tank. (This is due to the negative pressure in the canister as it begins to clog.)
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