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Originally Posted by tobystanton View Post
Yesterday afternoon I did a 25% water change to my 10 gallon tank, the drop checker was originally blue and shifted to a yellow-green color. I then turned off the CO2 tank. This evening I noticed it had turned back to green, but I found one of my crystal red shrimp dead. Please help me to identify the problem, I'm thinking its because of the major water change.. Also what would be the best way to get my tank more oxygenated thanks!
Shift in tds or suffocation from co2 running at night would be reasonable suspicions.

Originally Posted by Jonnywhoop View Post
i had this problem as well. I woke up one morning to find my first and only CRS death, I noticed that the co2 rain out during the night. I believe the pH fluctuation caused it. get that co2 back online and keep it stable without changing it.
This situation reads like an end of tank dump. You suggested resolution warrants further clarification. Keep what stable without changing what?

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