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Originally Posted by james1542 View Post
Looking through this thread, I see amazing tank after amazing tank! Very inspirational to see time and time again, amazing low tech tanks. Makes me reflect on how great it is to have a lush planted tank to stare at.

So here is my main tank I think a fitting name for it would be "Pumpin sunshine", it's always changing, always trying a new plant. Here are 2 pictures taken months apart:

Here are the specs:
14g Biocube
Light: 70W Sunpod (16.5") HQI metal halide
Sub: Fluval Shrimp Stratum
Ferts: Osmocoat +
CO2: No, I want my shrimp to succeed
Inhabitants: Shrimp...various
Happy Plants: Various moss, E. tennelus Chain sword, marb queen sword, limnophilia hippruoides(new not pictured), Pho Rotala indicata, Misc Crypts.
Fav plant: E. Tennellus, Spreads furiously, the LFS loves to buy it off me. Does great in my setup.
Plants that did not work: Ludwigia peruensis, HM, HC, These plants did not appreciate the lack of CO2, and/or were impossible to keep planted given my horrible substrate.
Low tech Lesson learned: Do not use the tap water in my area. Began to use it, in came the black brush, went back to RO, no more BBA.
Awesome... Very cool.
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