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well being ur at sea level u should have plenty of o2 in your tank with good water movement but if u feel that u still need some get a bubbler with a fine stone*best ive found are at hydroponic shops* that create almost as fine bubbles as the atomizers but work on reg air pumps there just a fine ceramic i think i paid $10 for a 6inch tube shape.

the water change isnt really a big water change % wise but we dont know what ur levels were different between the two *that is where u can stress them*, u can do 50% or more daily if the water is all the same its always the difference in the water that causes issues, this is why its good to have ph,tds,ec,temp and all other test kits to get a guide of where ur water is at so u can have a good understanding of how fast your tank changes an when it needs changed to maintain safe levels for them.

also one dead shrimp doesnt always send a red flag up that there is something wrong, it might be good to test everything but shrimp get old and die so test if everything comes out ok dont stress, just keep an eye out.

most done use co2 on shrimp tanks, i have and it was very low like 1bubble every 4-5 sec max on a 20L, but i wouldnt go much more as that kept the plants happy and shrimp still breeding i didnt want to test the max they could handle theres no need for that loss to me.
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