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HC 10/17

HC today:

Full tank shot from today:

Shrimp shot with some plant detail:

As you can see I have torn up a lot of glosso, unfortunately there had been some moss growing very thickly right underneath it and the only way to remove it was to trim it out.

I threw in some HC a while ago and it's starting to take off pretty good. It had come from my buddies no fert non co2 nano tank, and the HC seemed to need a while to transition to my conditions. Everything has been pearling lately, the anubis about an hour into the photoperiod and everything else by midday.

I've been keeping up with a steady dosing regimen, primarily of phosphate, the occasional nitrates and micros, and potassium at the waterchanges and midweek. The amount of shrimp waste really creates a noticeable amount of nitrate, so i barely need to dose much to maintain 20-30ppm
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