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So tonight was a long one. Added 40 more pounds of Eco-Complete, Adorned the Mopani DW with all those Anubias species I've had floating around my tank for months now. I am not sure if I like it yet...will have to wait and see if my vision comes to life once all the other plants begin to fill in. Planted some more stuff. Some of the plants pop up and have to be re-planted. I have found myself doing this much more than I'd like.

Here is what I am aiming for...the dark green on the Mopani sits just infront of thick Red and some Tiger Lotus hanging over. Then the "grass" is kept in control infront of the Mopani. There is 2 entrance/exits on the bottom left of the Mopani and they lead to a tuneel that extends the length of the dw. Very cool for the Kuhli's for the time being.

On the right side I have red plants behind the Manzanita trunk and some along the side wall (just as is on the other side...only it's a different speices of reddish plant) with 2 brownish-red lily plants at the base of the trunk (front side). I hope for the same effect on this side with the "grass" as on the left. I also added two smaller pieces of Manzanita at the base of the Large one to give more depth. (At least that's what I tried to do)

Both sides are sloped steeply and have rocks at the base to hold everything in place. I found a descent Amazon Sword at Petco today and placed it to the left of the Manzanita trunk with Tall "grass" behind it and random Anachris. I have a couple crypts I have yet to find a spot for. I also placed to small pieces of dw (from my old 30 gallon tank) that has Anubias attached to it placed at the foot of the slope with the Manzanita.

It looks as though when things fill in, I may not want anymore different species of plants. I am thinking I really want the HM though to create a "bush" infront of the Anachris at the far back foot of the Mopani wood. Then I would like for the ground cover to fill in all the open space. I also have some beautiful lake rocks I collected a few years ago in Montana that I plan to toss in around the foreground.

I like what I see so far. I still have some work to do, but it's coming along faster than expected

Here it is tonight. With all the bubbles going full bore, it is hard to see everything, but it's there, trust me!

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