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Posts: 558 can you say "overstocked"?

i've always been one for pushing the envelope, but this one might be a tad bit too much, even for me. hahahaha.

so tyttocharax......what to say....
they could definitely be a nano fish, but will need something like 5 gallons or higher. the largest of them is about 1" and .5" deep--and they are very VERY tight schoolers. some are deep bodied like lemon tetras while others are more streamlined like a neon tetra. i suspect this is a sexual dimorphism. very incorrigible fin nippers, especially amongst themselves, so large numbers may be necessary... feeding is entertaining...they enter some sort of swarm, piranha pack mentality, and will easily dominate more timid species...

i would like to remove them from the tank, but the tank wont let me do that (darn twigs). perhaps maybe when i do a water change soon. heh, maybe they might grow on me...some of them are starting to show some red coloration on the fins.

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