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Lol, I'm the wife in this case! My husband is happy I have a hobby, but I did get a raised eyebrow when I upgraded my 10g to a 29 and instead of tearing down the 10g I redid it and moved it into our sons room. One thing I'm conscious of is all the odds and ends having tanks can involve. Most times I'm really aware of putting away all the little containers of food, the wet nets, the testing kits, etc. I'm lucky that my husband enjoys looking at the tank, but if he was constantly tripping over the gear, I don't think he'd notice the tank so much, just the mess. And I'm always up front about the money I spend. I don't usually spend much, but setting up a new tank with new everything and new plants and new fish, etc, etc, etc does add up. It also wouldn't be as harmonious if he resented the cost associated. And last I try to be equally supportive of his hobbies. My husband works a lot, so doesn't have much free time, but the things he's interested in I try to learn about too. You don't have to have the same hobbies as your significant other, but its nice when you can at least chat about them together.

Good luck!
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