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Originally Posted by daylily View Post
I have been an outdoor gardener for a long, long time, and aquaecapes really appeal to me.

I'd been thinking of getting a tank for years, and finally did it about a month ago. No fish yet - still at the end of cycling it. A kind member of the local fish club gave me a lot of starts of plants. I don't know what any of them are yet. I need to send the person some photos so I can ID them.

I am torn on what to stock it with. I'm thinking one betta.

I like the chili raspboras, pygmy corys, Endlers, shrimp -- but think maybe a betta would be a better fish for a beginner.

Wow your spec v turned out awesome!

Do you have any soil layer mixed in there? if not probably wanna dose a lil fert regimen no?

I dunno I think a betta isn't really anymore noobie friendly than the others... I think it more depends on whether or not you want a slightly more centerpiece type fish or a group of smaller fish and shrimps.

I guess the more intensive thing would be shrimps/inverts but not really that much just a couple foods more appropriate for them (but not necessarily) and as I have learned some way to supplement the calcium and etc which is as easy as adding a product to your water changes.

Good luck deciding though!
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