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Originally Posted by Psittac View Post
Another question:

I'm looking on ebay at regulators and since they're so common in hydroponics and brewing theres a lot to choose from. (I even found one for $40 with free shipping, no solenoid)

I don't understand how to tell what sizes the connections are on the regulator, do I need to figure out what it takes for bottle attachments and outlet? are these something easily adapted or changed? (finding adapters can be a total pita in my experience)

what considerations need to be made for a regulator?
Experience is usually required for CO2 regulators. You need to have a CGA320 nut and nipple for the high pressure side. This is standard in North America. Asia and Europe use different standards.

For the output side, it is usually 1/4" female NPT.

From there, it depends on the other parts you have (i.e. the solenoids I use are 1/8" female NPT, so I need to use a reducer from 1/4" down to 1/8", etc). These parts can usually be found at your local hardware store.

Other considerations when choosing a regulator:

Dual stage or single stage?
One gauge or two?
Chrome plated, brass or stainless steel (all work for our purposes; this is more aesthetics)
Maximum delivery pressure?

And of course,



A Primer to Pressurized CO2 and A Primer to Planted Tanks
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