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[QUOTE=Hoppy;2078778]Wow! Spectacular aquarium. And, this was a great start to finish read. I would never, ever find the nerve to tackle something like this, but it does get me to thinking dangerous thoughts.

One question: when you were building these different tank versions, how many helpers did you have so you could move the monster as you built it? And, did you build it in place on the stand?[/QUOTE]

Hahaha... Im still sitting here and laughing this out...
Well helpers.... I had my two cats.. for psychological support.. And my two body builder arms for physical reinforcements... The rest is just magical powers lol

I got two stands for 10$ at ikea... When I tore down the 54g initial oasis... It was still on its stand.. missing one panel. Then i Put second one on the stand.. equalized both with ceramic pieces under the feet of the stands, cuz nothing from my floors to the actual structure of the tank was ever straight so I had to only rely on what my level showed n take it from there with estimations.. Then silicone did the rest of the work..
Im telling you.. if u dream of something u wanna make.. just do it.. visualize it n do it.. ur only true helper is ur willpower

Thanks everyone.. Here are some pics of fish I couldnt figure out what they were but have now sorta figured out.. but still nice pics of them

This one I dont even know who got her pregnant.. about to find out as shes like 1-2 days max away from spitting them out.

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