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In this case, it will work as suggested when used as directed.
Busan 77 is the herbicide name.

It had no impact on any mosses I've tried it on(about 6 species), nor any plant, kills shrimp moderately well, maybe 50-60% losses. Had no impact on a wide range of touchy fish.

You cannot beat this algae with black outs or dips really.
You toast the moss.

Algae eaters are some what effective but most that eat hair algae well.........also eat moss.

Moss gets algae bad and it entangles, making it nearly impossible to remove. I'm hardly the algicide promoter, but this does work as it says, stay away from the copper though.

You still need to address the root or plan on using this stuff every so often and have less than optimal growth.

Tom Barr
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