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Originally Posted by sayurasem View Post
Maybe rinse/ soak afterward with water + prime mix? It works on bleached purigen. Although I never try algae fix.
API says its invert safe after 48 hours. I will experiment with some culls to see if this is true. I will for sure quarantine to treat, then rinse before putting it in with shrimp. If it will kill shrimp I would think it would be fairly fast, as in a few days. Good idea on the prime, I have no idea how effective it would be against Algaefix either.

Originally Posted by james1542 View Post
Depends on the kind of hair algae you have. Hydrogen peroxide could kill some of them, or flourish excel, or bleach. If you have fixed the root of the problem, usually the best course of action is to prune off any algae covered leaves/moss and wait for it to grow back.

I have always loathed these algae killer products, right up there with pH down, and those cloudy water reducers as one of the stupidest products on the market, but of course that is just my op.
I am with you on the products. I dont like them either and havent used them since my beginning plant days years and years ago. I have a major dilemma now. I have 22 kinds of moss. Each kind is tied to its own 3 foot dowel rod. They are smothered in algae. Theres way too much to pick it other than some basic pulling and twisting with a skewer. Theres also too much for Amanos to eat. H2O2 was a consideration, as was Excel(doesnt work for this hair algae) and bleach but they kill the moss as well. What I was hoping for here was an easy answer like "Yes, I used it and it killed all of my Pellia." but it looks like I have to use a cup and sample each one individually. If it works, the shrimp test will follow with culls for the experiment.
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