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Question Building UGJ, need advice

Hello everybody, been reading the forum for the past year - lots of helpful advice, thank you.
First time posting
My apologies for the length of this post.

I am building a UGJ system for my 20G tank.
I will skip the history and reasons why.

I have a Maxi-Jet 1200 pump (thinking of maybe using 2)
Decided on 3/8" pvc tubing (not pipe) due to height/tank size, also gives me greater flexibility for orientation.
Haven't decided on a hookup to the pump yet, probably 1/2" reduced to 3/8" (1/2" fits the pump output)

I was originally going to use 1/2" tubing on the whole system, however I thought it would be too large inner diameter, seeing as the whole system is about (16ft - 1/2", 22ft - 3/8") roughly, and wasn't sure about head pressure on the pump. (Hence me thinking about using 2 pumps)

My idea was to make 2 "spirals" of tubing and drill holes in various locations (to work more as a reverse ugf than a ugj)

I mainly want lots of upwards water movement through the gravel, not so much over the top of the gravel (4 species of shrimps aswell as bottom feeders in the tank)
I did not want to use ugf plates due to all the plants.

So I ask you very intelligent/experienced people, what are your thoughts on this system?
Mainly what size/how many holes should I be putting in the tubing (each "spiral" is roughly 10ft of tubing)
Also should I just do 2 seperate pumps/spirals, or hook up both pumps to a closed loop system with each pump fighting the other (don't like this idea much, although it might work?), or 1 pump on the closed loop system (again roughly 22ft of tubing length in this system, is the 1 pump strong enough?)

Thank you all so much in advance!

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