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Originally Posted by AwkwardShrimp View Post
i have 9mm lilypipes from aquaticmagic form ebay, for a zoomed canister, still havent set them up or anything so cant really review them for you, but they look pretty good quality i guess, glass is kinda thick,. i can take some pictures for you later. but i dont think a zoo med will work being below the tank. pretty sure it has to be level with the tank itself, i think the reason is that a canister that small is not strong enough for it to be below the tank itself. i cant tell you for certain though.
I can't seam to find those on ebay, when I search aquaticmagic all I get are plants.

I really don't want to get cheap pipes that break so i'm gonna find some that are recommended, if they cost more I'll save up for them. I'm glad I found a youtube video of a guy showing that his lily pipe cracked while putting it on cause I never would have thought about that, I would have just got the cheapest possible.

I'll look on ebay a little harder to see if I can find the ones you posted

Thanks both of you
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