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Thanks for all the comments guys, I'll have to look over the 48" x 48" suggestion, sounds interesting. And no worries to those warning me of the potential disaster, I would only do this if I can scientifically prove it would work. I usually err on the side of caution when it comes to these things. I know a few people that have physics degrees and or are a structural engineer, so I could run my final plans by them before even testing the ideas.

Rest assured I will do a journal, but with the given possibilities, I may have to postpone any builds add I hope to be moving soon, and don't fancy moving a newly built 48" x 48" tank

These are great ideas and comments from everyone, and please don't hesitate to call my stupid from wanting to try, I need those Rio keep me in line some times all comments are appreciated and welcome, I love you guys and respect your knowledge!

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