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Madagascar inspired Mantella tank

so i wasn't sure if i should post this in this section, or under the herp section, but since i clicked this one first, i guess it's going here.

i'm currently in the middle of building a 40B mantella tank. since they are from madagascar, gotta go with that theme. this won't be a complete biotope, since terrestrials, other than orchids, from madagascar are rare in any hobby. so with some of the plants, i'm gonna have to wing it. that and i plan on having pseudomugil signifier (pacific blue eyed rainbow fish) and some breed of shrimp in the aquatic section, so the biotope goes right out the window there....LOL

so anyway, i started this a few days ago, and i wanted to wait until i got further along in the build before i started this thread, but all the cool new builds inspired me to start my journal. here's what i have so far:

i knew i wanted this stump that i have had around for ages to be the centerpiece. so i positioned it how i liked it and started building my egg crate around it:

then i removed everything, and siliconed the sides and back of the tank for the great stuff to stick to.

wrapped up some support pieces in weed blocker in order to keep my aquatic critters in the aquatic side and not go under the false bottom, die and foul my water:

built this contraption to hold my ultrasonic fogger, then covered it in weed blocker. then put some stuff back in for reference. and this is where it stands until i can get to the hydroponics store this weekend for some mesh pots:

the moss will be scraped off that stump and baked for like the 20th time before it gets installed permanently. next update, sunday (i

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