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High Nitrate and Algae Isses Plz Help!


I'm having lots of algae (GDA and BBA i think) and High Nitrate levels (40 PPM).

I think ihave GDA growing on my tank glass, bright green color. Is the only way to get rid of GDA waiting about 20 days and when it turns dark green/ brown scrape it off? Is my nitrate levels causing the algae to form?

I also have some dark algae that is attacking alot of my plants. Is this BBA? how could i get rid of this? Please see attached photos.

I did a 50% water change but the nitrate level did drop at all.

I have a 10gal talk with:

- 2 T5s total of 28watts i think (on 8hrs)
- CO2 1.5 to 2 bps when the light is on
- half cap of Do Aqua Be Green for potassium and trace elements
- one stick of Laguna Once-A-Year Fertilizer Pond Spikes 16-9-12

Can someone please tell me what im doing wrong. Plz help

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