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No Guts....No Glory!~

The best part about Izabella87's tank is she didn't listen to all the
people that would Poo-Poo'ed her creativity.

I've thinking about your puzzle combinations. I think this might
be possible. Replace the 4 side pieces that are 12x24" with two
of the long pc 24x48". Use the 4 - 12x24" in the middle of the bottom.
This will give you a 48x48x24" tank that will hold 239gl.

If I was going to try this I would build a base from cabinet grade
hardwood plywood with a 1x3" frame around the base. The frame
be decretive not structural. The base will re-enforce all the bottom

I'd also use yoga mats between the Plywood aquarium base and the
tank stand just to help to keep the tank level.

Good luck which ever path you choose. Please consider doing a journal
on this project..
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