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Yeah that list looks fine, there are three types of aquasoil, amazonia, africana, and malaya. each representing one of the worlds three major rainforests. each has a different color/property.

also there is normal grain and powder grain. the powder grain i think looks better and is easier to plant in.

when you fill the tank use a bowl/plate or wax paper to gently poor water.

I would go with Seachem Prime as an all purpose water conditioner. you can't go wrong there.

I also highly recommend a pair of pinsettes for planting the plants.

i also wouldn't worry about any chemicals out there you mentioned, keeping it simple is best. since your doing low tech. if you were doing high tech the only things I would dose would be NPK + Micros (EI index) dry ferts.

finally here is a link for excellent low light beginner plants here on TPT:
Excellent List of Low Light Plants
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