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Originally Posted by wheatiesl337 View Post
It's low-tech with no c02 injenction or fert-dosing. The bio-load is also very low, as it is currently a home to only some blue-velvet neos. The lower photo-period prevents most algea growth and keeps plant growth slow for reduced pruning requirements.

Back to the topic at hand, I would agree that considering the sunlight is important and making small adjustments should get you where you want. Thread algea is fairly irritating stuff to deal with. Maybe look into adding some anubias or java fern to your set-up. Both are traded commonly on the forum and you could likely get some through a ROAK.
We will look into getting some other plants for the tank. What plants do you think would look good any suggestions on placement. I would like to keep it looking nice . the dwarf hair grass is starting to get new green shoots. I trimmed the dead looking stuff a few days a go and I have noticed a lot more new growth since then. The moss has also grown about a 1/4 in this last week. the moss is greener than it looks in the picture.

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