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If you do pump water up and have it trickle down over the wood, you could probably grow most aquatic mosses (or even terrestrial) on it pretty well. If you leave it dry, and just occasionally water it, you could probably go with almost any houseplant.

I've done some planted pieces of drift wood and old weathered wood before.

Right now, I've got a big chunk of driftwood in a pot, and I stuffed all the holes with potting mix, and then planted them. most are doing pretty well. The plants that seem to be doing the best currently are (sorry, I don't know the latin names for these, just the common names):

Staghorn Fern (really cool plant, I highly recommend it to anyone)
Hoya (grown a lot, but it's prone to getting mealybugs)
Rabbit's foot Fern
Strawberry Begonia
Spider Plant
and some type of Pothos
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