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Some of the staff at petsmart aren't bad, but there are more that don't know what they are doing. I was told that is perfectly fine to dump the fish and water into my tank without acclimation when I didn't even ask. At the ark I can only talk to the owner or the two main guys that maintain the tanks. The sales associates are flat out condescending towards me and lack knowledge. I know that the Coral Reef, Pet Haven, and the Ark all get their fish from the same suppliers for a majority of their fish. I went into petland once to look at the fish, even though I don't agree with their puppy sales, and walked out a couple minutes later lol.

There are limitations in the area with fish stores, and everyone has different opinions on them. Although, I am happy that I don't have to order fish online, with the exception of some oddball fish I would like to get soon. If it wasn't for the small fish stores I wouldn't have an angelfish that was privately bred in very good conditions. As far as I know she only sells them to stores.
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