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Originally Posted by @marko@ View Post
i wouldnt go with a parva carpet. too tall for a 20l, IMO. maybe moss? or m. minuta.
thanks for the input marko!

i know i'm about to sound like a noob but... ou think i can get moss to crawl on my substrate? also i have flame moss in other tanks and i fail at keeping it clean

also, u think c parva is too tall? my old parva got long maybe an inch and a half but it was always spread low.

Originally Posted by SloMo.00. View Post
This tank looks great. Really like the Crypts. I have the Brown and Green variety for my Cube tank that's starting next month. Pardon me asking. Is that Staurogyne for the carpet in the front?
thanks for the kind words slomo always encouraging

yes its star repens in the foreground, its still getting used to being submersed, i have a little lawn growing in an emersed setup, these were its trimmings

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