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Tank Cycling

Originally Posted by Option View Post
I've always planted plants while doing a cycling and just about all of my plants have always survived during the cycling without problems. But at this point I've accumulated many difference species that I'm not so sure all of them would tolerate the cycling phase....are there any species of aquatic plants that should not be planted until the cycling process is complete?
Hello Op...

Your post reads like you currently have established tanks. If that's the case, then use some of the media, gravel, decorations and plants to jump start this one.

You can instantly cycle a tank if you use the media from a similar sized tank or larger, with the same filtration. Just remove some of the media from the established tank and put it into the filter of the tank you want to cycle. The good bacteria reproduces with a few hours and replaces what you removed.

I've cycled several of my tanks this way.

Just a couple of thoughts.


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